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10 Date Ideas for You and Your Partner

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

It’s Date Night!!! As a few of you know, Rachel and I switch off on who plans and executes date nights. We thought we would share our top ten favorite date night ideas, some we’ve executed, some we’re still waiting to execute. Let us know what you think about our ideas, have you tried them? Do you have any ideas for us to try!? Let us know!

1. Dinner and a Movie

OK so this is the absolute classic, you and your partner cook some dinner, rent (ok download) a movie and enjoy the evening together. One of my favorite dates with Rachel is when we didn’t even leave the house! For my birthday this year Rachel cooked me a seven, yes you read that right SEVEN course meal of unbelievable food. Well maybe you don’t have a gourmet Chef like I do, but you know what your partner likes and it is always the right time to make them feel special.

Well I don’t know about you but this is pretty on par with what we do most nights so this isn’t our go to date night idea but it is a classic. In order to mix it up maybe put a spin on it, if you usually watch Romantic Comedies maybe watch a thriller, if your partner is usually the one who cooks switch it up and you do it. Pick a meal that is over the top! Or pick a meal that’s you’ve both been saving for a special occasion. Sometimes that special occasion is you love your partner and want them to be happy.

2. Cooking Class

This past winter on one of our date night Rachel took me to a cooking class! Now as you know, Rachel and I are both huge foodies so I was PSYCHED when she brought me to a cooking class. The class we went to was three courses and each had a wine pairing! We cooked unbelievable, northern Italy inspired food, and drank wine specifically paired for what we were cooking. To say it was a dream is an understatement. It was also an amazing date because we were doing something we both love together! More than that we were out learning new things which is always fun.

3. Picnic in a park

I feel like all the good ideas for dates are Rachel’s, hmmmmm… Well the other day Rachel texted me and said, be ready when I get home, be cute, but be prepared to be outdoors. I

was like …. Ok? She stopped and got all of my favorite snacks, packed them into a cute little basket, and then brought me out to a park by our house. We opened a bottle of wine (shhhh don’t tell) and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and each other. I loved this date idea because we were outside in a beautiful spot, with one another. This one is soooooo simple, but is guaranteed to make your partner happy.

4. Hiking

This is a simple date idea because who doesn’t love being outdoors. Rachel and I just personally love hiking but it can be literally any outdoor activity! The best part about having an outdoor activity as a date is there are so many different things you can do and places you can go! Living in the northeast the hiking here is unbelievable so catch us having a hiking date sometime soon!

5. Local Music

Ok so this one is definitely open for interpretation! One of my favorite dates I’ve planned is right before Rachel took her big exam this spring I took her to see a cover band of her favorite musician! I had seen tickets at a local venue for this cover band months before and bought them on the spot, knowing Rachel would love it. My favorite part was seeing her face when we got into the concert and she was so excited. While it wasn’t the real thing, it was as close as it could be! This one can be accomplished by going to see live music at a local pub, or getting cheap tickets online!

6. Sushi Making

Alright I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea BUT it is soooo much fun if you can get the hang of it. I have a sushi making kit I got off of amazon (get yours here: https://amzn.to/2ZCj8am ) and we use this every single time we make sushi. I learned off of a youtube video and it is so much easier than you think!

The last time I put on a date involving sushi for Rachel I reenacted a scene from the Sex and the City. Ok if you’ve ever seen the movie you KNOW exactly what I’m talking about. To be completely frank, I didn’t pull it off too well, it’s not the most exciting date and Samantha definitely pulls it off a lot better than I did…… But it was fun nonetheless and Rachel was a great sport.

7. Fort Night

No not the video game…. I know all you Gen X’s are thinking about the video game but no! When we first started dating the first date I planned for Rachel was a fort night, I scavenge for sheets around the house and turned our living room into a whole fort! I laid pillows all over the floor and lit candles. I then cooked all of Rachel’s favorite comfort food and put on her favorite movie. I set out comfy robes for the two of and we got into our robes and then climbed into the fort! This may seem childish but trust me, no one can resist a good fort!!

8. Local Sporting Event

I know a lot of us don’t live in the most metropolitan cities but I can guarantee your town has

some minor league baseball team or another sport that you and your partner can attend. I think I may actually enjoy attending minor league games more than some major league sports because everyone is a little more laid back and just there to enjoy the atmosphere. Its almost more fun when your team is absolutely atrocious and you can just be there for the amusement and the side entertainment!

9. Game Night

It’s no secret that we're both a little competitive…. Ok we’re both VERY competitive but game night is a great idea because it gives you and your partner the opportunity to face off at all different types of challenges! Rachel and I love to play backgammon, rummy, and checkers! There are so many games out there (chess! spit! cribbage!) that filling your evening playing games and enjoying each other’s company is the perfect way to spend a date night.

10. Anything you can do together

Seriously, in the end, anything you put time and thought into to share with your partner is a date. The best part about being with someone you love is getting to share those little moments and to make them feel cherished. Plan something that highlights your partner’s interests and you’ll have done more than enough. So what do you think of our list? Did we miss anything? What do you suggest we try next?