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Who we are!

Welcome! If you're reading this it means we've finally gone live with our new blog. For our first post I wanted to tell you a little bit about who we are, how we met, and why we started Joce & Rachel.

So you might wonder, with all couple accounts, who is actually writing this post? Here, it is more than likely Jocelyn (the Joce, in Joce and Rachel). While Rachel will chime in with a post or two from time to time, this website along with our instagram is primarily run by Jocelyn. We are an LGBTQ+ couple from the New England area of the United States. Rachel originally comes from Vermont while Jocelyn grew up in New York. We have spent the past few years living in Boston, Massachusetts and are now currently located in Portland, Maine. We both identify as bisexual, meaning that we are both attracted to men and women.

Two happy bisexual women in love!

We went to college together and met our Junior year, but it wasn't until our senior year that we became best friends and inseparable. From that moment on we were rarely away from each other's side. Through a long and circuitous route we both ended up attending graduate school in Boston. As you might be familiar with through our instagram posts, Rachel is in medical school and I just graduated from law school and will be sitting for the bar exam this summer.

Jocelyn graduating from Law School this spring!

Now you may think, wow! they've been together for awhile. But in reality we didn't start officially dating until a year ago. We like to say we did things completely out of order. We got to know each other, moved in together, said we loved each other, and THEN started dating. I think back now to the time we were just friends and want to smack myself over the head, you're in love with her stupid! But I wouldn't change our story for the world.

I (Jocelyn) started an instagram account right around the time we started dating so that I could have an outlet for my photography without overwhelming my personal account. As I began posting on this account it morphed into essentially a couple account for Rachel and I. It wasn't until this past winter that we made the switch to this being an account for the both of us. It has been so much fun building this account and having an outlet for my creativity that I didn't used to have.

As this account grew we started thinking about what we wanted to get out of it. Neither one of us generally does things without a purpose to it, so we wanted this account, and by extension this blog, to have a purpose that we could get behind. First, we noticed that we didn't really have LGBTQ+ couples in our life and we wanted a community where we could feel seen and valid in our relationship. Second, we wanted to create a space where we could be creative, for me creativity is a necessary outlet, as someone who works in the law, it's a pretty narrow, methodical, way of life and so it is important for me to have this outlet. And our third priority, which seemed to develop over time organically, is to be a visible bisexual couple. Bisexual erasure is a huge problem (this will be further addressed in another post!) and we found that it was particularly important for us to be visible to combat this erasure.

We welcome any feedback you have on our account, our new blog, or any other questions you may have! We look forward to growing this blog and giving you new insights into our lives!

Much love,